The Final Funnel

Please gentle-readers, post any final comments on ‘The Leather Funnel’ such as how you rate the story compared to ACD’s other writings. I’d give it a B- We’ll begin a new story mid-week. RSK Advertisements


Here’s a quote from the story that I like very much: “His knowledge was greater than his wisdom, and his powers were far superior to his character.” Do readers have other favorites?

Shock & Digust

I remember when master sherlockian and conan doyle scholar Steve Clarkson led a discussion on chrisophter roden’s ACD group on ‘The Leather Funnel’ He suggested that the funnel placement was in, let’s say, ‘another orifice’. Though not implicit, just the description and setting of the torture could lead to that horrid association. Freud would certainly compare…


“Upon the right, looking toward me, was a small woman with blonde hair and singular, light-blue eyes — the eyes of a child.” She’s also dressed in a loose, white gown… Is this typical of horror stories? By that I mean — is the victim usually a woman, and one, perhaps, dressed in white, a color…