Are the French nastier than the English? ;-)

Quite a quote from ‘The Leather Tunnel’!

“To his English friends he never alluded to such matters, and took the tone of the student and virtuoso; but a Frenchman whose tastes were of the same nature has assured me that the worst excess of the black mass have been perpetrated in that large and lofty hall, which is lined with the shelves of books, and the cases of his museum.”

A black mass is repulsive enough, I wonder what the narrator’ means by

the ‘worst excess of the black mass’?!





2 thoughts on “Are the French nastier than the English? ;-)

  1. The Black Mass is supposed to have been celebrated by sexual acts performed at the altar, desecration of the Host, invocation of the Devil, and so on. Any and all of these could be considered as quite sufficiently excessive, I guess.

  2. Oops! I hit reply too quickly. I meant to add that Frenchmen, being foreigners, would quite naturally be suspected (by the English reading public) of being capable of just about anything awful!

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