I posted this message on ‘WelcomeHolmes’ but since it refers to

‘The Captain of the Pole-Star’ I’m also posting it on the blog. RSK


I found these descriptions of three Sherlock Holmes’s

stories on the back cover of ‘Vampire Stories’ by
ACD published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. quite
About ‘The Three Gables’: “…vampirism is cunningly
used as a metaphor for capitalism.” [!?] 
I better look deeper into the symbolism 😉
‘The Illustrious Client’ is described as a vampire tale:
‘The Sussex Vampire'”…even sees the return of Sherlock 
Holmes, literature’s most famous detective.”
I thought SH had returned earlier, in EMPT.
“From the bloodsucking plant in ‘The American tale’
to the bloodsucking wife in ‘The Adventure of the Sussex
Vampire’, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle brings to life the undead
like few others before or since. With a new generation
of vampire books like the Twilight series [[I saw one of the
films; is Kristen Stewart now a Vamp? There’s a vulnerable
beauty about her, IMHO.]]and the Sookie Stackhouse  [[I must
have missed Sookie’s adventures]] books dominating bestseller lists, it’s only fitting that a giant like Conan Doyle should 
be recognized for his ground-breaking vampire fiction.”
Do publishers read the books they publish?
the new story is ‘Captain of the Pole-Star’
which is described on this book’s back cover as
a story about a “medical student on an arctic voyage
haunted by a heat-draining Eskimo vampire…” 
That’s worth at least two explanation points !!

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