The Pole-Star Sails Off

And so the story ends.

Ends with many questions unanswered.

Was the captain mad?

How did his ghostly lover die (described in the story as horrid)?

And what was the relationship between Craigie and Ray like?

It seemed to be trusting — but then suddenly strained.

Was that all due to the captain’s mood swings?

And, I’ve wondered how did this voyage effected medical student

Ray’s future with Flora?

Also, did the voyage of ACD on the Hope as a doctor provide all the


I throw this message (like a message in a bottle) into murky cyberspace

hoping a reader or two will answer either on the blog or the yahoo group

In a few days I’d like to post some background from ACD’s voyage to the Arctic.

(I think this blog is becoming something of a ‘commonplace’ book

but with invitations to others, to I hope, join in and comment.)




One thought on “The Pole-Star Sails Off

  1. I’m one of your fo.lowers. I think the blog is quite interesting. You pose a lot of thoughtful questions here. Lit-crit is one of my favorite subjects. I really need to read up on some of the background material again.

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