Sea Tale; Ship’s Myth

The White Star Line’s ‘Titanic’

Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’

The abandoned ‘Mary Celeste’

There is an overwhelming mystique about these and other ships lost at sea.

The ‘Mary Celeste’, watertight, seaworthy but without a crew, adrift on the

high seas was discovered on December 4th, 1872 by the British brigantine

‘Dei Gratia’ between the Azores and Portugal, a baffling myth-worthy mystery.

ACD’s story ‘F. Habakuk Jephson’s Statement’ was a tale that some readers

actually believed was the factual historical explanation — as wildly melodramatic

as it is. The narrator, Jephson, writes  “I have now taken up my pen with the intention of

telling all that I know of the ill-fated voyage. I consider that it is a duty which I owe to society…”


We know this about the duty-bound ‘writer’: He’s a doctor of medicine at Harvard University,

and an ex-Consulting Physician of the Samaritan Hospital of Brooklyn.”

And so begins ACD’s harrowing story written as so often with Doyle written in the first person.





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