Mary Celeste Ghosts over the Seas

Many readers believe that Sherlock Holmes lived…and still does.

This is one of ACD’s gifts: his stories have a reality about them.

The Statement of J. Habakuk Stephenson was taken as the historical

explanation of the Mary Celeste. ( And maybe it was!  😉


This weekend we’ll begin another story, one in keeping with the

nautical theme of the past two; and, although most topics on the blog

will be on ACD’s non-Sherlockian writings we will dip into the canon

on occasion. So know that if you occasionally follow the blog we’ll

be with our dear friends, Holmes & Watson, as they examine the case:

“The Adventure of Black Peter” — although it is difficult to imagine

Mr. Holmes wielding a harpoon and not a powerful lens or loaded

riding crop.Image



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