Sherlock’s Focus

I posted this on Welcome Holmes earlier, but thought it should also be saved

on Steel True Blade Straight. (Dr. Huxtable is my nom on Welcome Holmes.)


Below is a quote from today’s Washington Post Book World taken from a review
by critic Michael S. Roth of Daniel Goleman’s new book ‘Focus’.
 (Daniel Goleman is the author who writes on what’s termed ’emotional intelligence’.)

”  ‘Focus’ makes the important point that “the power to disengage our attention from one 

thing and move it to another is essential for well-being.” Excessive stimulation from our 
devices, and just from the crowds around us, makes it increasingly difficult to become 
fully absorbed in anything at all. And full absorption, for Goleman, is fundamental 
to happiness.”
Although the Master was neither plagued nor helped by electronic devices until
Benedict Cumberbatch embodied him, Holmes was still living in the heart of a
busy Empire. Certainly his concentration on solving crimes was improved by
his skill in being able to focus and be completely absorbed by an event. And although, 
because of his bouts with both melancholy and an excited exaltation, he impresses 
me as a man, who — if not happy — was still full of a certain vitality and some of that, 
I suspect, derived from the ability to focus.
I’d write more, but my thoughts are so scattered this morning… 😉
Dr. Thorneycroft Huxtable, M.A., Ph.D., etc. // Ron
“It is when I struggle to be brief that I become obscure.” ~ Horace



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